Sunday, May 15, 2016

Alright well the first trade was a successful one, I think.  I decided to not only post on Craigslist, but also on some local Facebook Yard Sale type groups.  A nice guy named Steven reached out to me, was familiar with the idea behind this experiment, and suggested trading a nice corkscrew for my 1912 wheat cent penny.  We made plans to meet up and made the exchange.

Steven was an interesting guy with an interesting background.  It was a fun time meeting up briefly to make the swap.  When I got home I did some investigating on the mighty Wikipedia and discovered that the corkscrew that I traded for is also know as a Sommelier Knife.  The design was patented in 1882 by Karl Wienke, a German. It is similar to pocket knife but used more by those working in bars and restaurant, hence its nickname, the "waiter's friend."

This particular corkscrew has the french script "Les Amis du Vin," printed on it.  I did some checking online and this appears to be the name of an international wine club, now seemingly defunct.  If you would like to participate in the next trade, please make an offer for something you would be willing to barter for this fine corkscrew and let's keep this experiment rolling! Thanks for reading.

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