Saturday, May 21, 2016

Have had a few offers now for the corkscrew.  The first one was a bag of wooden golf tees.  I couldn't really get any more info other than they were wood and that they were golf tees. The person making the offer wasn't sure of the brand or any other information about them.  I decided to pass on this offer but thanked the person.

The next offer was for a print of a civil war photograph that was framed next to a letter.  It looks very nice and would probably be valuable to a civil war collector, but I am still waiting for more information about the item as well as better pictures.

The latest offer is for a Great American Popcorn Machine by Sunbeam.  I did some looking online and have made inquiries to the owner about the item.  It looks pretty cool and might be a collectable item.  From what I could tell, the item was produced about 30 years ago.  There are many of them for sale online.  I am, again, waiting for more information from the gentleman who proposed the trade and will post again shortly...

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